What Are The Best Massage Therapy Techniques?

Massage therapy techniques come in many different forms and hundreds of different packages. Some have a medical purpose, some have a stress relief purpose, and some have a more spiritual purpose. If you are looking to get a massage, what kind should you get? What is right for you, and how will you know if you do not understand some of the biggest massage principles?

Acupressure is a great catch-all for medical massages. If you have some form of health issue and it is giving you a lot of pain or discomfort, this could be the one for you. It is a Chinese practice directly related to acupuncture. Only here, the pressure points are rubbed instead of stuck with a needle. These points are believed to be the center of all the body. By manipulating them, you can help control your health.

Barefoot massages are a unique luxury and can be very helpful to people who have very physical jobs. The more physical the job, the deeper the tension goes into your muscles. One of the best ways to get the tension out is to lay down while a therapist stands on your back and walks along your muscles. It is usually just a back massaging technique, since few muscles are strong enough to need (or to bear) the weight of a person. It can be dangerous if not done right, but when it is done well, the feet can work wonders for soreness.

Deep tissue massages are one step more intense than the barefoot massage. This massage therapy is for people who have been injured or who have very high levels of tension. The goal is to work on the muscles deep down, under the first layer of muscle. These are very rarely worked upon, which means that they could be sore after. If you are a more delicate person, you may find this to be painful.

Postural integration involves movement from both parties and a lot of therapeutic emotional work. It is primarily a deep tissue massage, but the patient moves arms and legs in long gestures and does several different exercises for emotional health. These exercises depend on the therapist.

Reflexology massages are strictly for hands and feet. They get little enough good treatment when one considers how often they are really used. They are carefully rubbed down and the few muscles in these appendages are fully loosened. There is also the spiritual belief that your internal organs are directly connected to your hands and feet, making a massage on the outside also be a massage on the inside.

The stone massage is the least intense of all of these. It has more for your own personal relaxation and some mild stress relief. It can feel very good, especially if the weather is cold out. Carefully selected stones are heated up in water to a certain temperature. They are set on your body at crucial muscle points so you muscles ease.

Swedish massages are the last of the major ones. While most of the others involve just rubbing the muscles, the Swedes believe that muscles need more kinds of action. They vibrate and jab the muscles, create friction for them, and then ease it by sweeping the hands over them. It will be a standard massage in a very different way. Most of these massages can be combined with one another to form their own special type. You should learn what your body wants from you.

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Stress Management Coping: Massage Chair Treatments

Stress management is perhaps more importantly now than at any other time. More people seem to be experiencing higher levels of stress. The ability to successfully cope with stress is paramount to your long term health and well-being. A great way to manage your stress is with a massage chair.

It is quite interesting if you look at stress in modern times. Stress today is mainly psychological. In the recent past, stress was induced from dangers in the physical environment.

When we stress about psychological things, our minds tend to fixate on these problems. However, most of the time we do not immediately solve these problems and they tend to linger. This is where stress management becomes important.

Our bodies react to stress as if we were about to be harmed. When we are under stress, our body reacts. This reaction is geared to help save our lives. This is termed the fight or flight reaction.

Stress is a survival instinct. It is a way that we cope with the dangers of the physical environment. However, in these modern times we face more psychological danger than physical. However, our bodies do not seem to know the difference and they react by preparing the body for defense.

One of the problems of psychological stress is that the mind tends to focus on a particular issue. It is unable to resolve the issue immediately and it tends to linger. This lingering can be very devastating to the body as it tries to keep up its level of intensity to deal with its perceived threat.

Massage chairs work on two different levels to help you successfully manage stress. They help your mind to relax and not focus on its problems which remain unsolved. Secondly, they help to relieve the tension in your body by massage in stiff muscles.

Massage chairs incorporate MP3 players with headphones to help you to relax. Relaxation is easily obtained by quieting and calming the mind. A relaxed mind is not focused on its problems but instead let them go.

When your mind relaxes and is calm, this enables the body to begin to relax. The mind tends to hold tension over the body which exacerbates the problem. With a relaxed mind, the muscles and body can also begin to relax.

One of the major problems with stress is that it causes tension in the body. This tension eventually fatigues your muscles. When the muscles become fatigued they also become stiff and sore leading to aches and pains.

Massage chairs have a number of techniques you can use to manage your stress. They have full body massage capability enabling your entire body to be relieved. You can also choose from many different massage movements and also from many popular massage techniques.

Massage chairs are simple and easy to use. Massage chair comes with a remote control which allows you to choose a full body massage or to target a specific area. They provide a number of different technologies which enable your whole body to be relieved.

Massage chairs make it convenient to get daily stress relief. It is important to counteract the build up of stress as it begins. The longer it resides, the more damage it will do to your body.

Massage chairs enable you to proactively manage your stress. They are great for relaxing both your body and mind. There are many different models and manufacturers offering you the ability to manage your stress at the touch of a button. See how the convenience of a massage chair can put you in charge of your stress management.

Take control of your stress and be proactive with reducing the symptoms of stress. Get Massage Chair Relaxation just as your symptoms of tension and discomfort start. Massage Chairs give you the convenience of obtaining frequent treatments. Frequent massage therapy assists in lowering tension, lower blood pressure and helps you to relax.