US Colleges Specializing in Sports Medicine – An Outline


The US is soon slated to become the leading hub for the field of sports medicine. It was in 1989 that sports medicine was recognized as a subspecialty of the American Board of Medical Specialties.

As per news reports, there are currently more than 70 sports medicine fellowships and approximately one thousand certified sports medicine specialists in the US.

Colleges and Institutions

In the recent years, a number of educational facilities have been established and are being offered for specializing in the field of sports medicine in the US.

In this section we give a brief overview of the establishments and main US colleges specializing in sports medicine.

A) American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

The American College of Sports Medicine is a premier international organization in the field of sports medicine and exercise science and is one of the most well-known US colleges specializing in sports medicine.

It is the largest organization of its kind in the world and pioneers extensive efforts in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports-related injuries and the advancement of the science of exercise.

The services of the American College of Sports Medicine covers a vast gambit of healthcare services, offering facilities to different types of consumers, ranging from athletes and sportspersons to astronauts and individuals with chronic diseases and physical challenges.

B) American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine (AOASM)

The AOASM is also one of the most famous primary care-based sports medicine specialties and is also amongst the oldest US colleges specializing in sports medicine.

Established in 1984, it was formed with the objective of adopting a holistic and comprehensive approach to the prevention, diagnosis and management of sport and exercise-related injuries, disorder, dysfunctions and disease processes.

Other Programs

Apart from the US colleges specializing in sports medicine, the region also offers various others programs and modules for the purpose of training and qualification in the field.

The Division of Sports Medicine, based at Grand Forks, is one such organization, established with the vision to serve the field of sports medicine through education, research and service in sports medicine. This program provides direction for the BS in Athletic Training degree program, along with a medical elective in sports medicine and residency training in sports medicine.

In addition, there are other specialty programs organized for the purpose as well. The USA sports program is one of such facilities, which has been primarily designed to provide a comprehensive approach to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sports related injuries.

Such services are designed to serve a vast type of patients, ranging right from the recreational runners to the collegiate or professional athletes.


Sports Medicine Physician Salaries – An Analysis


A sports medicine physician is basically a medical professional who has obtained a specialized training in medicine and is responsible for lifelong fitness and wellness of his patients, along with encouraging prevention of illness and injury.

The core function of a sports medicine physician is to maximize performance and efficiency and minimize disability and time away from sports, school and work.

Sports Medicine Specialists

The job of a sports medicine specialist entails an extensive period of study, research and training, supplemented by adequate educational qualifications. The general range of sports medicine physician salaries also varies according to the level of qualifications and training obtained.

The study of sports medicine and sports basically involves applying medical and scientific principles to sports and exercise along with the overall ability of the body to perform physically.

Such professionals in the field of sports medicine possess a specialization in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries that happen due to various sporting events, athletic training and physical training.

Salaries – Factors and Determinants

According to a recent report published by American Medical Group Association (AMGA)1, the salary figures for this particular category of professionals stood at a whopping $ 240, 475, which was expected to go up even higher.

There are a series of factors that can influence the patterns and levels of sports medicine physician salaries. Below, we’ve listed some of the main factors involved.

1. Age: Senior, experienced and elderly sports medicine physicians are often likely to get a higher salary than the freshers or even the moderately experienced professionals.

2. Gender: In some cases, gender also plays an important role in determining the salary bracket. For instance, the sports medicine physician salaries will be higher for women in a care center where specific problems related to women athletes are being dealt with.

3. Number of patients examined: For healthcare organizations, the number of cases dealt with often translate into direct revenues and build-up of goodwill and profits. Sports medicine physician salaries are often higher in cases where the organization follows the policies of paying up according to the number of patients examined instead of a fixed slab of salary.

4. Ownership: The ownership of the practice of sports medicine is also crucial in deciding the level of the sports medicine physician salaries.

Research Reports

A series of research reports and studies reveal interesting facts regarding the patterns of sports medicine physician salaries.

As per an analysis conducted through a web-based survey, men who owned their own practice, were more than 40 years of age and met more than 10 patients in one half of the day, were most likely to earn a higher income, which was more than $200,000 in a given year.

This particular research also concluded that the practice of sports medicine physicians also varies significantly with the location and type of practice.

1 Source:


Physicians and Sports Medicine


A sport medicine physician is basically a physician who has a specialized training and is responsible for lifelong fitness and wellness of his patients, along with encouraging prevention of illness and injury.

The core function of a sports medicine physician is to maximize function and minimize disability and time away from sports, school and work.

In addition to tending to the athletes and sportspersons, the sports medicine physicians also cater to non-athletes and serve as training partners for individuals intending to become active or begin an exercise program.

Role and Qualifications

The roles of a physician and sports medicine are inter-linked as far as maintenance of health and prevention of illnesses is concerned.

A sports medicine physician mostly acts as a leader of the sports medicine team, which includes specialty surgeons and physicians, along with athletic trainers, physical therapists, coaches and other personnel.

These professionals are basically experienced sports medicine physicians with a primary specialty in one of the below:

* Family Practice
* Internal Medicine
* Emergency Medicine
* Pediatrics
* Physical medicine
* Rehabilitation.

Most of the professionals functioning as sports medicine specialists have obtained 1-2 years of additional training in sports medicine through accredited fellowship programs in the subject. Furthermore, physicians who are once certified in Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine or Pediatrics are then eligible to take a subspecialty qualification examination in the field sports medicine.

Additional Training

Physicians and sports medicine play an important role in the continual development of health and well-being. Most of the sports medicine physicians obtain additional training in the non-musculoskeletal aspects of sports medicine. A few common instances of this include:

* Head injuries, such as mild traumatic brain injury
* Athletes with chronic or acute illness .e.g. infectious mononucleosis, asthma or diabetes
* Nutrition, supplements and performance issues
* Exercise prescription for patients aiming to enhance their fitness levels
* Injury prevention

Looking for a Sports Medicine Physician

Once the correlation of a physician and sports medicine has been analyzed and accepted, the next step is to look for a qualified and capable sports medicine physician.

Experts suggest that the most dependable and easiest way to look for a sports medicine physician is to seek referrals. It is always helpful to take the advice of the personal physician, friends and co-workers. The advice and recommendations taken from local athletes is especially always helpful.

Other sources that might guide you for useful resources on physicians and sports medicine are online listings, including the likes of the American Orthopedic Society, the Physician and Sports Medicine and the American Medical Association.

Sports Medicine – Present and Future


Preventive care and therapeutic remedies form the mainstay of the specialized field of sports medicine. This is basically an interdisciplinary subspecialty of medicine, providing curative options to players from the amateur as well as professional groups.

The field of sports is fast gaining a competitive tone at an astounding pace. In fact, this is the main reason that the branch of sports medicine has assumed mammoth significance in the recent years. This holds especially true in the light of the fact that a major focus of this practice lies on the rapid recovery of patients, to facilitate minimum loss of performance and efficiency.

The core working principle of sports medicine lies in the modifications in training techniques, equipment, sports venues and rules, decisions for which generally emerge out of substantial and meaningful research and studies.

Scope of Function

Sports medicine covers a vast range of disorders and disabilities, both preventive and curative, caused due to various factors.

The scope of this field of medicine covers a vast span of specialists’ branches, including the following:

* Cardiology
* Pulmonology
* Orthopedic surgery
* Exercise physiology
* Biomechanics
* Traumatology

In addition to the above, there are certain special categories of athletes that demand attention from the experts in the field of sports medicine.

These include:

* Female athletes, with eating disorders, menstrual disturbances and bone density issues
* Aging athletes
* Athletes with dermatological and endocrinological diseases

Special Concerns

Apart from the above, there are certain specific and occasional situations that require an active role from the sports medicine specialists.

Here we’ve listed some of the most crucial ones amongst these issues:

* Issues emerging from international sporting events, such as travel and acclimatization
* Use of pharmacologic supplements
* Substance abuse
* Gender verification

The Profession

An increasing number of medical professionals are now opting for specialization in the field of sports medicine.

Professionals who aspire to gain specialization first need to begin with a primary residency program in one of the following areas:

* Family practice
* Internal medicine
* Emergency medicine
* Pediatrics
* Physical medicine
* Rehabilitation

The above is then required to be followed by one or two years of additional training, through accredited fellowship programs in sports medicine. Depending upon the basic eligibility criteria, some professionals are then allowed to appear for a subspecialty qualification examination in the field.

The Future Scenario

There have been a vast series of studies and estimations being conducted to gauge the future of sports medicine as a means to enhance performance and reduce ailments.

The majority of such analysis points towards the possibility that sports medicine is likely to play a highly crucial and effective role in prevention of sports-related injury.

The most prominent aspect of research that looks into the application of this branch of this medicine in prevention is the study of the body’s neuromuscular adaptations.

Overall, further developments in sports medicine are likely to ensure safe physical activity, while augmenting the performance levels to a considerable extent.


Sports Medicine Articles – An Information Source


The field of sports medicine has gained immense importance in the last few years. With the advent and massive increase of athletes in competitive sports, sports medicine has become almost an equally significant field as fitness training and the like.

This influx of sports medicine services has also opened up huge gateways of information regarding the subject. Those interested to learn about this branch of medicine now have a number of options to do so, ranging right from resources available through print material, internet and private practitioners.

Means of Information

There is a vast amount of in-depth knowledge available about the subject through a series of sports medicine articles, journals and other publications. These publications provide a deep insight into the various aspects of sports medicine and also guide the reader in making useful and accurate decisions.

The sports medicine articles especially are a well-structured piece of information, carrying latest updates and useful news from the field of sports medicine.

Modes of Presentation

The sports medicine articles that provide information regarding the latest developments in the field are published in various forms and under various heads.

In this section, we give a brief outline of the way these articles appear on the web and in print media.

1) Blogs

Most often, these sports medicine articles are published in the vast series of blogs sites on the internet.

A typical weblog or blog is an information hub comprising of text, images and weblinks related to other web pages and blogs, along with other media related to the topic.

2) Journals and Research Papers

It is also a very common occurrence for the sports medicine articles to be published in journals and research papers. Normally, such articles are published in these journals or research papers under two main categories, including:

i) Paid subscription
ii) Free articles

3) Service Provider Website

Generally, for the purpose of information of the visitors to their website and readers, the service providers in the field do sports medicine include a series of sports medicine articles on their website. These articles are usually available free of cost and offer information on a comprehensive range of topics.

Structure and Range

The sports medicine articles published in various forms cover a vast gambit of topics and touch upon almost all of the crucial aspects of the field of sports medicine.

The main categories of topics covered by the sports medicine articles are:

1) Recent news and updates
2) Advancements in the field of sports medicine
3) New techniques available to sports medicine specialists
4) Results of research campaigns and studies
5) Any other important information to be used by the professionals in the field of sports medicine