Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Neck Pain and Severe Neck Pain

Anyone that has ever had the unpleasant experience of having a muscle spasm knows how painful it is and a neck muscle spasm is no different. A neck muscle spasm is an involuntary tight muscle contraction that causes a person to experience severe neck pain. There are many causes and treatments for severe neck pain.

Severe neck pain is often the result of strained neck muscles caused by things such as intense exercises, degenerative changes from repetitive movements and trauma. The cervical spine, unlike the rest of your spine, only has a small amount of ligaments and muscles for protection. Conditions that have an adverse affect on the muscles and tendons often cause severe neck pain. If the joints narrow between the neck bones, caused by immune system attack, prolonged wear and tear or trauma, then the vertebrae in the neck grind together, creating stress and pressure on localized tendons, muscles, and nerves. This often causes severe neck pain and other symptoms such as arm, shoulder, and hand pain.

Some of several symptoms of severe neck pain include rupture of a disk or muscular strain from trauma. Many neck pain symptoms, unlike severe neck pain, develop slowly. Some people experience neck tenderness or stiffness in the morning or after watching television, reading, or working on their computer. Rheumatoid arthritis can cause the body’s immune system or natural defenses to attack a person’s joints and bones. Over time, the rheumatoid arthritis destroys body and neck joints causing stiffness and severe pain to the neck and other parts of the body. Osteoarthritis, a degenerative disease commonly affecting people over forty, can involve not only the neck joint but also other body joints. Neurological diseases such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease can cause stiffness or weakness of the neck muscles resulting in strain on the necks structures and muscles, resulting in severe neck pain.

Treatment for severe neck pain or chronic neck pain can vary depending upon the case. Some people find acupressure and acupuncture helps the muscles relax, which reduces their neck pain. For severe neck pain, doctors sometimes recommend strong anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, and painkillers. Anti-inflammatory drugs taken orally or by injection are usually only recommended in severe neck pain cases because serious side effects, such as infections, bone thinning, and internal bleeding can occur. Some doctors may recommend an over-the-counter drug that has few side effects but often reduce stiffness and discomfort for people suffering from mild neck pain. Never take any medication or start a neck exercise program without talking to your doctor first.

What Are Some Of The Causes Of Neck Pain

Prolonged or repeated movement to the neck’s joints, ligaments, muscles, bones or tendons usually caused by activities, account for the majority of the causes of neck pain. They can cause neck muscle spasms, a strain, neck joint inflammation, or a sprain. Tension from focusing intensely or stress often causes painful, tight muscles connecting the shoulders, neck, and head. Other causes of neck pain include overhead exercises or work that uses the arms and upper body, such as weight lifting or holding your head in an odd, uncomfortable, or forward position for extended periods, while doing things such as reading, holding the phone receiver, playing video games, or working on the computer. Taking a nap sitting upright, sleeping with your neck in an uncomfortable position, a pillow that is too flat or high, or using your arm or upright fist as a headrest are often causes of neck pain. In many cases, doctors cannot find any specific reason for a person’s neck problem.

A healthy well-balanced neck allows for stresses, movement and strains of the body and head. The cervical spine, which runs through the neck, consists of discs that separate the interlocking vertebrae, ligaments and muscles that hold the neck spine together. When trauma or injury occurs to parts of the neck or the neck becomes unbalanced, this can cause a sore neck or painful neck injury. Several causes of neck pain include minor injuries such as, falling a short distance, tripping, twisting, or excessive cervical spine motion resulting in moderate neck problems. Direct blows to the head, face, or neck; whiplash; an injury that penetrates the neck; strangulation or other outside-neck pressure; falls from substantial heights; or sport-related injuries are often causes of neck pain and injury.

Medical conditions, some of them age related, are often causes of neck pain. Disc disorders occur when the disk cushioning between the vertebrae in your neck becomes dry, often due to aging, which causes the space to narrow near the nerves. Herniated neck disks occur when a disks inner gelatinous material protrudes through the tough covering of a disk and can irritate nearby nerves or cause a pinched nerve. Other causes of neck pain occur when bony growths or other tissues press on the nerves in your neck. Rheumatoid arthritis, an inflammatory disease that commonly occurs in the upper neck region, can cause destruction of the neck joints. Meningitis is a very serious illness that causes the tissues of the spinal cord and the brain to become inflamed. Influenza is another of the many causes of neck pain. It usually makes the whole body including the neck ache but does not cause severe neck stiffness. There are many other causes of neck pain such as infections, tumors, or even side effects from prescribed medications.

Having Sciatica Relief with Weight Loss is Much Anticipated

Many times when people are obese or even overweight, they will usually have some sort of back pain that is related to their sciatica. In fact, most of the time it is their sciatica that is causing the pain; due to the abundance of weight on it.

Because some many people are having problems with their sciatica’s and also having unwanted back pain, many times when they go to a physician of some sort they will be told to lose weight before doing any other type of procedure. In fact, many doctors will put a guarantee on sciatica relief with weight loss. However, just because some people do have sciatica relief with weight loss does not mean that everyone will, as not all do! Some people in fact just have bad backs.

Along with having sciatica relief with weight loss, there will be many other great side effects, such as feeling more confident and having a higher self esteem level. For many people having sciatica relief with weight loss is enough for them; as they are no longer in pain. In fact, many people choose to lose the weight strictly so they don’t have the sciatica pain any longer.

Many times when doctors recommend that people loss weight for back problems, they are not sure that it is the sciatica that is causing the problems. Therefore, that is why they try to have the patients lose weight before anything; to rule any other problems out first. What many people don’t understand is how difficult it is to lose weight, much less for a specific reason. Because many people have problems losing weight, there are now many specific ways to lose weight for sciatica relief. In fact, there are now many different programs that are available for sciatica relief with weight loss. One of the most common programs that people like to use is a video or computer program.

Another way that people get sciatica relief with weight loss is by drinking and eating healthier. In fact, many doctors recommend when having sciatica pain is drinking more fluids (such as water) and taking vitamins or supplemental antioxidants. Some of best antioxidants for sciatica relief with weight loss are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Beta Carotene.

Along with their being many different types of medical ways to rid sciatica relief from the back, there are also many different all-natural remedies; as well. In fact, one of the most used “natural remedies” is by using Pilates or Yoga.

Whether you are having sciatica pain for the first time or have had pain for a while, it is definitely worth trying to lose weight before trying any other procedures! Trying natural solutions is easier and less expensive than any medical procedure.

All There is to Know about IDD and Non-surgical Back Pain Relief

There is a new up and coming method of non-surgical back pain relief. A
treatment called IDD and boasts that up to 85% of people who suffer from
back pain can obtain relief from this method. It is definitely something
that chiropractors are finding extremely helpful for people. It is mostly
used for people with acute and chronic back pain. IDD uses computer
technology for non-surgical back pain relief. It uses a system called the
Accu-SPINA system. This system is designed to reshape the spine. It is used
best for people who have been diagnosed with herniated or bulging discs,
sciatica, degenerative disc disease such as Ankylosing Spondylitis, and
spinal stenosis. This system allows fluid, blood, and nutrients to reach the
affected disc(s) or area. Each session lasts only about 30 minutes, but it
typically does call for between 18 and 24 treatments over a recommended
period of about 8 weeks. This non-surgical back pain relief actually allows
for ligaments and tendons to re-tone and strengthen, thus offering pain
reduction. It involves being strapped to a machine, and although it is not
reimbursable through insurance providers and can be costly, the benefits are
great and it is definitely less costly than having to get back surgery. IDD
is considered a non-invasive therapy. It can actually reduce the size of a
disc injury instead of just doing something that offers a pain cover up. The
idea of actually reducing the problem or injury without surgery is a major
attraction to this method of therapy.

Unlike some other methods for non-surgical back pain relief, IDD offers a
few things that may ease people�s minds about using it. For instance, it is
done by a professional and is a trusted therapy in the medical profession.
This will give the peace of mind that some alternative methods do not offer.
It also does not have side effects like some medications and herbal
treatments. The positive results it has for people with chronic and acute
back pain gives hope to those who are thinking that surgery is their only
option. The trouble with IDD is that because it is a new non-surgical back
pain relief method, it is not found in most chiropractic offices and can be
difficult to find a service provider. The lack of accessibility can also
increase the cost, especially if travel is involved in order to obtain the
treatment. More about this treatment can be researched and service providers
can be found using local directories or by calling chiropractic offices and
finding out if this is a service they offer.

Natural and Chemical Back Pain Relief Product

Back pain is such a common experience among the members of society that
there are several back pain relief product choices. Some are natural and
some are chemical, but regardless both can be safe and dangerous and have
side effects. Even though something is labeled as natural does not mean that
it is harmless or will not have a negative effect on a person either
physically, emotionally, or mentally. When finding a back pain relief
product an extensive amount of research should be done in order to ensure
that it is not dangerous. It can also be a good idea to find out what is
causing the back pain to make sure that it is not a more serious medical
condition that needs to be looked at. There are some benefits and
consequences to using both natural and chemical products. Professionals in
both areas can usually give you direction and education when needing help
making a decision about a back pain relief product.

Herbal and natural back pain relief product and companies are common, so a
few of the most popular will be listed. Because heat is such a soothing
remedy for back pain, Epson salts are often considered to be a very useful
tool for pain. It is essential to use the Epson salts in a bath that is as
hot as the person can stand and to continue to heat the water to ensure that
it stays warm while in the tub. The recommended dose is about two cups of
Epson salts per bath. For back pain that is due to intestinal difficulty a
product called Horsetail is often used. It is used to build connective
tissue as well as normalize the bowels. Another back pain relief product is
willow bark. Willow bark was used by the Ancient Greeks and the quality of
the bark that is helpful is called salicin. Salicin is what led to the
discovery of aspirin. The typical chemical or medical remedies are aspirin,
acetaminophen, and ibprophen. These typically work by reducing inflammation.
When using one of these as a back pain relief product it is essential to use
the recommended dosage on the bottle or what is prescribed by a physician.
The plethora of back pain relief product that is available can make it
difficult for someone who is trying to choose what works best for them.
Advise through professionals, friends, and research can lead to the best
decision for someone who need back pain relief. Side effects and other
consequences to the above listed products should be readily available when
making a decision.