Things to Do If You’re Sick of Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is something that affects thousands of people each year, with many of them unable to get much relief, if any, from the pain. If you’re one of these many sufferers, you’re probably sick of chronic back pain and will do almost anything to get rid of it.

Anyone that has chronic back pain can tell you it can come from any number of causes. You may have pulled something in your back by lifting something heavy. It can be a result of an accident or it can develop from changes to the spine that comes with age. It may be a sharp pain that comes on suddenly and doesn’t go away or it may come on slowly gradually getting worse. When it doesn’t go away for 3 or more months, it is called chronic back pain as opposed to acute back pain, which comes and goes. The one thing all sufferers have in common is that after awhile they all get sick of chronic back pain affecting their daily lives.

Most people that develop chronic back pain will tolerate it for so long taking over the counter medications, using heating pads or just resting. After a period of time goes by with no relief, they usually discover they’ve had enough and are sick of chronic back pain and see a doctor. Unfortunately, many don’t go see a doctor for back pain because they don’t think it’s serious and try to wait it out. Often, by time they get to the point where they’re sick of chronic back pain ruling their lives, they have more serious damage then what they would have had if they’d seen a doctor much sooner.

Another thing chronic back pain sufferers tend to do is talk with friends that have suffered from the same kind of pain and do what their friends say they did to treat the pain when they got sick of chronic back pain. In some cases this helps, but many times it does more harm then good because no two people are the same. Symptoms that may seem similar to two different individuals can actually turn out to be very different. Many people also give prescription medication to others that they may have leftover from when they were hurt. This is a very unwise thing to do. Medication is prescribed for one individual and one individual only and may cause harm to another person.

If you are one of the unfortunate individuals that are sick of chronic back pain and have tried everything else, seek help from your doctor. It may be something that can be easily fixed or the start of something serious. If it is serious, the sooner you begin treatment, the better your prognosis.

Chronic Pain Self-treatment Including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

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Chronic Pain Self-treatment Including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The Schatz Technique- Chronic Pain Prevention and Treatment Method

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EFT for Back Pain (EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Why use EFT for back pain?Back pain afflicts over 80% of adults at some point in their livesBack pain is the second most common reason for doctor visitsBack pain costs the world economy over two hundred billion dollars per yearThousands of people have reported immediate relief from back pain with EFTFor more than a decade, back pain sufferers have been reporting quick shifts after using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). How is EFT able to accomplish the relief of back pain, even in people who’ve suffered from it continuously for years?EFT provides a guide to identifying the emotional root causes of your pain. It then helps you to make small adjustments to your body’s energy systems-small adjustments that often produce big results. This guide is filled with the stories of hundreds of people who’ve been amazed at the immediate benefits EFT brings to their back pain and associated emotional problems. It gives you the keys to pain-free living that they have discovered. It teaches you the basics of EFT, and how to apply these.