ITA-MED Elastic Back/Abdominal Support (Light Support),

Helps keep correct posture and reduces pressure from muscles and lower section of the spine to protect from fatigue, strains and other abdominal or back related injuries. 8″ wide with 4 stays in the back providing medium support. Includes back pocket for optional, removable moldable thermoplastic insert. Designed with comfortable elastic & front Velcro closure for better fit and adjustment. Very comfortable to wear and unnoticeable under clothes. Reduces lower back and abdominal pain. Recommended for those who: suffer from osteochondrosis or lumbago; have ever experienced lower back pain; have undergone surgery on the lower section of the spine; lift or move heavy objects; spend long hours driving, standing or sitting without much movement. Available sizes: universal, XL, XXL. Available color: beige.

ITA-MED Elastic Back/Abdominal Support (Light Support), Universal Size