Back Pain Relief Table a Cure for Back Pain?

The inversion table, otherwise known as a back pain relief table, has been
around for a little while. The theory that the inversion table is based on,
is that when hanging upside down the joints and body to be loaded equally
but oppositely than when standing. The back pain relief table allows the
spine to decompress as well as relieving the pressure on the discs and the
nerves. It is related to wearing gravity boots. When the discs in the back
are relieved it allows them to regain lost moisture as well thus returning
to their original shape. The inversion table although it is known to help
alleviate back pain, it also very helpful for other health problems. For
instance, it is said to help depression and circulation. It also allows for
more oxygen to get to the brain and can help stretch ligaments. Therefore
this back pain relief table is used for quite a few different things and
perhaps is better for those things than back pain.

The inversion table is rarely used as a back pain relief table for serious
back problems. In addition, it is essential when the table is being used for
the first couple of times, that someone else is standing by as a spotter
incase health problems occur or incase someone needs help getting out of the
apparatus. It is not recommended for people to use the back pain relief
table or inversion therapy to relieve their back pain if they have specific
health problems. These health problems include heart disease, high blood
pressure, and certain eye diseases such as glaucoma. However, it is also
suggested that if you are pregnant that you do not use this therapy either.
If the back pain relief table is going to be used and you have permission
from a physician to do so, then it is essential that a couple rules are
followed. It is necessary for the person to start off very slowly and using
very light levels of inversion. It should also be stated that in the cases
of having any of these conditions, that perhaps it is good practice to
always have a spotter in case there is an emergency. The inversion therapy
is not going to be helpful for everyone and everyone may not enjoy the
therapy. It can be said that hanging or lying upside down while attached to
an apparatus is not for every individual. Before using inversion therapy it
is suggested that you research it as much as possible before purchasing a
machine, or trying it out.

Taking it Upside Down with a Back Pain Inversion Table

So many people experience back pain in their life. There are many forms of therapies that have been developed to relieve pain, ease muscle tension and improve the spine. A back pain inversion table is just one of the treatments people use to find temporary relief. Inversion therapy falls under the heading of traction therapy, because it uses tension on the spine.

Inversion therapy uses a back pain inversion table. It’s an apparatus that enables you to lie in a position that causes the spine to stretch using your own weight. The table can be tilted to various degrees depending upon what you’re comfortable attempting. Your feet are secured during the therapy so there’s no fear of falling.

People who choose a back pain inversion table see it as having several advantages over some other forms of treatment. For one thing it’s non-invasive. Another advantage is there are no medications required. Also, it’s up to you how much of an angle the table is tilted. Some people find this form of therapy to be relaxing because it can increase blood flow. In addition, the table is extremely easy to use.

Despite the name, you don’t actually hang completely upside down (though you can if you want too). In fact, you want to start slowly when you use a back pain inversion table. You should begin with a slight tilt for a few minutes and work up to the angle you choose. Any tilting of the table will cause the spine to stretch which relieves pressure.

Your spine compresses as you age. This is due to a number of factors including gravity and loss of fluid in the tissue between the spinal discs. Compression of the spine can result in back pain. The back pain inversion table is intended to offset some of the damage caused by gravity. The vertebrae in the back are separated which temporarily restores the spine.

Using a back pain inversion table will only give temporary pain relief. It’s not a long term solution to back pain. But sometimes that’s all people want – especially when the pain is due to an injury. Temporary relief of back pain can enable you to get some sleep or perform your daily activities.

If you are looking for an easy way to get some temporary back pain relief, a back pain inversion table is a possible solution. You can use the table in conjunction with an exercise program too. Exercising can extend the benefits you achieve using the inversion table.