Low Back Pain Relief A Stretch or Two Away

Wouldn’t that be a relief? Literally, low back pain relief a stretch or two away? And it can be, but you do need to be pro-active to be able to get that relief when you do experience back problems.

If the cause of your low back pain happens to be related to weight issues, it would be best if you could see your way clear to losing those excess pounds. Low back pain relief will start to kick in when your happy body gets to a place where it can support its “normal” weight. It certainly won’t hurt either if you start a series of CORE strengthening exercises to tighten up the muscles that support your back.

For low back pain relief to be really effective you must be a partner in working with your body to help it find that relief. If you have poor posture, then you need to work on correcting that. Poor posture can give you some nasty backaches as you may already know. If you could correct your sitting, standing and sleeping posture (yeah, that one is a little harder to do) then you’d be able to get low back pain relief.

Other things you can do are preventative for the future and won’t do you any harm. Although you may have heard these things time and time again, now that you need to find out how to get low back pain relief, now is the time to “listen”.

Don’t life anything by bending over. And you see this done all the time. You lift an object by bending your knees and squatting. Keep your back straight and hold the object close to your body. And, DO NOT TWIST your body as you are lifting. If you can’t get the hang of the idea, just try it with something lightweight first.

Got a heavy piece of furniture to move? Then push it don’t pull it. Spend a lot of time at your desk or driving? Make it a habit to stop and take short stretch breaks. Don’t wear those horrendously high spike heels, not unless you want your back to play the devil later or you want to fall over on your ankles. Stick instead to shoes with no heels or low one-inch heels.

And, as much as you might not like this idea, regular exercise is one of the most successful keys to keeping your lower back in good working order. Isn’t being in good shape and feeling good much better than spending your days trying to find low back pain relief because you didn’t do something that could have helped you?

Before you dive into any exercises, particularly if you do have back pain problems and have been seeing a Doctor for low back pain relief, ask them about starting an exercise program. They’ll advise you what to start with that won’t give you grief. Ideally what you’re working for is to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and spine. Now you know why your Mom told you when you were little to straighten up and fly right. She knew what she was talking about – low back pain relief.

Attention All Future Mothers: Pregnancy Back Pain Relief Found Below

Most pregnant women will experience some kind of back pain before of the
extra pressure put on their bodies especially being front heavy. Not only do
they carry the extra weight in front of a baby but also enlarged breasts. In
addition to this, they often have to sleep in strange positions and find a
hard time getting comfortable when sitting or standing. All of these things
can put strain on her back. But, there is pregnancy back pain relief
available. Often women who are pregnant do not want to put many drugs into
their system either, so the methods of relief should be as natural as
possible. It is important that no harm is done to the child or mother in any
of the methods for pregnancy back pain relief. The health of the mother and
baby are always the primary consideration.

Most women who experience back pain during pregnancy as long as it is minor
to moderate will try ice packs and heat alternating. The heat will relax the
muscles and lower the pain while the ice packs will numb the pain for a
while. It is typically done in about 20 to 30 minute intervals and then
switching. Another way to get heat to the back is long warm baths. Bathing
is a common relaxation technique and does relax the muscles. It can provide
pregnancy back pain relief especially if there is aromatherapy or Epson
salts added to the bath. Pregnancy back pain relief is important because
women who are pregnant have to experience a plethora of troubles and
different pain and so alleviating this pain can make a big difference. For
instance, the pressure on the bladder makes them urinate frequently;
contractions start to happen near the end causing pain, morning sickness and
all day nausea throughout the pregnancy, and other problems that happen with
pregnancy. Another popular method to reducing back pain during pregnancy is
rubbing or massage. In fact, massage with heat can be quite effective as
well. The great thing about these methods to pregnancy back pain relief is
that they are all inexpensive and accessible. Even the massages can be done
by the father or any family member or friend. Because of the increased
weight on the body and over such a short period of time, it puts a lot of
pressure on the feet and can cause the woman to stand and walk different.
Therefore, it is important for the woman to wear good shoes. A common
exercise that is helpful for pregnant women is a pelvic tilt. This is when
the woman gets on her hands and knees on the floor ensuring the head is
inline with the back. Then while pulling in the abdomen arch the back and
spine upward. The position is to be held for several seconds at a time and
then relaxed. It should be repeated about five times.

Lower Back Pain Exercise – Get Moving!

One of the best therapies for back pain of any kind is exercise. With lower back pain being quite common, many people have lost range of mobility due to favoring the pain. In other words, the less you move the tighter the muscles get and that can increase pain. Following a lower back pain exercise plan can relieve the pain while conditioning the body at the same time.

Exercise is almost always ordered for back pain. The kind of exercise and its frequency varies from person to person depending on the situation. But exercises can be included in any program that target specific pain areas while improving the general back muscle condition. The point of the lower back pain exercise is to reduce the pain while increasing your ability to complete your normal daily activities.

The doctor or physical therapist can devise a specific plan for you if you’re under their care. But people with lower back pain who aren’t seeing a doctor yet can also take advantage of the benefits of any lower back pain exercise. You can devise your own plan and follow a program in the comfort of your home. The thing you must be aware of in the beginning is that your lower back pain may actually increase a bit at first. If you have been favoring your muscles and restricting your activities, muscles will have to go through a conditioning stage.

There are a lot of psychological advantages to following an exercise program also. When you do a lower back pain exercise, it doesn’t take long to realize that you are capable of more motion than you thought. Limiting your movements because of pain is self-defeating. The less you move, the less your muscles are able to move. This can create a mental state that focuses on the pain. Pain begins in the brain and concentrating on pain can actually make it worse.

There are a number of exercises you can do for the lower back. Following is a short list of exercises. You should do each lower back pain exercise routinely, and you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll grow stronger.

• Pelvic tilt
• Small crunches
• Oblique crunches
• Press up
• Alternating arm and leg reach
• Leg lifts
• Cat and Camel

These are common exercises used in any workout routine at varying levels of difficulty, because they work to strengthen the back. When you do a lower back pain exercise like leg lifts, your back muscles are made to tighten and exert effort which improves strength and tone.

The worst thing you can do when you have lower back pain is stay in bed. Though some people think this is the best alternative, lying in bed for too long will actually cause rapid muscle deterioration. You want your muscles to get stronger – not weaker.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a sudden, persistent, sharp or dull pain felt below the waist. It is common and affects most people at some point in their life. Lower back pain is commonly caused by muscle strain from heavy physical lifting, work, or forceful movement, twisting or bending, awkward positions, or standing in one position for too long. Any of these things can also make a prior or existing back disorder feel much worse.

There are other conditions that can cause lower back pain. They include spinal stenosis, spinal infection, arthritis, spinal tumors, spondylolisthesis and fractures of the vertebrae.

Lower back pain is either chronic or acute. Chronic is persistent, long term pain, occasionally lasting throughout one’s life. However, even chronic pain can have bouts of acute pain. Acute lower back pain may begin quickly with intense pain and lasts less than three months.

Other symptoms of lower back pain include pain in a specific area of the lower back, general aching, pain that radiates in the buttocks, low back, or legs. Occasionally the pain is accompanied by neurological symptoms such as tingling, weakness, and numbness. The neurological symptoms that may require immediate medical attention include bladder or bowel dysfunction, leg or groin weakness or numbness, severe symptoms that do not ease after a few day or pain that prohibits regular activities.

There are several myths about lower back pain. Lower back pain is not always caused by a slipped or herniated disc. In fact, only one to three percent of lower back pain is caused by this. In addition, few people with lower back pain will require surgery. Also, MRIs are very useful in diagnosing lower back pain, however not everyone will need one and it is not a treatment. Not everyone has lower back pain, either. In fact, getting assistance early is important to successful treatment as it can reduce the number of times the back pain recurs. There are other factors, too, that increase the risk of people developing lower back pain. They include being overweight, driving, smoking, and sitting for long periods. Up to ninety percent of adults will experience lower back pain at some point in their life.

It is common to experience lower back pain like a sprained ankle. In addition, while lower back pain can be debilitating and severe to many people, often the pain improved without the need for surgery. Half of all patients with lower back pain will have a second episode within one year. If lower back pain occurs with a fever or can be associated with a specific injury, the person suffering should consult their physician immediately or visit the emergency room. If there is no fever or cannot be associated with a specific injury, a conservative treatment at home for two or three days can be administered by the person.

Taking care of your back, however, is the key to ensuring that you rarely or never suffer from lower back pain. When you do, do not treat your back any differently to avoid the aches and pains that are associated with back pain.

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