Research Journals of Sports Medicine – Information Sources


The field of sports medicine has witnessed a massive spurt in the number of research campaigns and studies being conducted in the recent past.

One of the main reasons for this increase is the fact that sports is now being adopted as a profession by a greater number of people, especially in the form of competitive sports. This has further given a rise to a greater demand for sports medicine facilities and hence the further need for research and newer developments.

Research Publications

The influx of such a huge amount of research studies has further led to publications of a vast number of research journals of sports medicine. From print media and the internet, to specialized volumes of books and private subscription websites, the research journals of sports medicine have been getting an increased coverage and print space in the last few years.

In fact, there are a few number of publications that are dedicated to the topic of research in the field of sports medicine. For instance, the publication, Research in Sports Medicine, is one of the most well known research journals of sports medicine. This publication basically aims to bridge the gap between all professionals in the field of sports medicine.

Serving an international audience, this research journal of sports medicine covers major aspects of sports medicine and sports science, including prevention, management and rehabilitation of sports, exercise and physical activity-related injuries and occupational problems.

Similarly, one of the other well-known research journals of sports medicine, the American Journal of Sports Medicine is a peer-reviewed scientific journal and is an official publication of the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM).

Such research journals of sports medicine act as an important forum for independent orthopedic sports medicine research and education, giving clinical practitioners the provision to make decisions based on accurate scientific information.

Science and Sports, another such publication of the French Society of Sports Medicine, provides the readers valuable updates on medical, scientific and applied technical research in various fields of sports and physical activities, including the likes of internal medicine, traumatology, psychology, sociology, biomechanmmics and technology.

The Significance

The research journals of sports medicine basically serve a very important purpose in the field of sports medicine. Since medical science is continually evolving and newer techniques are emerging, it is important that the professionals involved in the field are apprised of the latest developments on a regular basis.

The research journals of sports medicine serve this purpose very well and offer a vast range of information to its readers on all possible innovations in the fields of sports medicine.


Why Careers in Sports Physical Therapy

There are certain people who are just meant to do what they do. If you know a firefighter, you know what that means. He or she is likely to be a very compassionate person with excellent people skills, but there is something that’s just a little off and for them, makes the idea of actually going into a burning building a good thing. The same thing applies for every other profession out there. People who are drawn to careers in sports physical therapy usually have something about their personalities that makes this choice a perfect fit. One of the most exciting things about this career choice is the position the therapist is in to help so many different people, with different ailments. Some of the most outstanding traits most sports physical therapists have is a willingness to spend as much time as it takes on each patient, a genuine interest in healing others’ pain, and a devotion to physical activity in their own lives. If any of this sounds like you, one of the careers in sports physical therapy may be right for you.

You can’t just hang up a sign and start treating people. It will require in depth schooling and a licensing exam before you are ready to heal the world. Each state’s requirements are a little different, so you will have to check with the local governing body to figure out the specifics for you. Getting ready for one of the careers in sports physical therapy is pretty exciting though. You will learn how to test your patients strength and balance and then learn the techniques to restore their bodies back to their prior good condition. Sports physical therapy has a lot to do with reducing pain as well. You will be taught how massage, gentle stretches, and hot and cold packs can take your patient from an existence of pain and misery to a life of activity filled days and relief from their injury pain. It really is a rewarding career to have the opportunity to help patients learn to help themselves.

Choosing careers in sports physical therapy also gives you the chance to specialize your degree. Just like there are all kinds of athletes, there are all kinds of injuries. You could focus on orthopedics in your practice or specialize in women’s health issues. By continuing your training, you can also combine the practices of sports physical therapy with sports medicine to offer patients an even broader scope of the situations you can handle.

The careers in sports physical therapy are for people who want to make a difference in the lives and health of the people they can in contact. This is one of the most rewarding career choices you could make and you would know everyday that you did something important in the life of another.

You can use your caring nature and knowledge of the human body to help restore mobility and encourage a pain free life for your patients with one of the careers in sports physical therapy. It’s always nice to know that you made a difference for someone else at the end of the workday.

What Is Upper Back Pain?

Often called thoracic pain or middle back pain, people experience upper back pain between the top of their lumbar spine and the base of their neck. A person’s upper spine is very stable and strong because it has to support their upper body weight. It also anchors the rib cage stably and firmly, thus providing a protective cavity for the lungs and heart to function. Attached to the thoracic or upper back are the ribs. Although lower back pain or cervical neck pain are more common spinal disorders than upper back pain, it can cause a lot of anguish and discomfort when it does happen.

The upper back, also called the thoracic spine, is stable and strong, protecting your vital internal chest organs and allowing you to stand upright. The upper back section of the spinal column has limited movement but a great amount of stability so there is normally very little chance of degeneration or injury to the upper back over time. On the other hand, the neck and lower back provides a person with their mobility, so the lumbar spine and cervical spine are far more likely to be injured. They can also develop common spinal disorders such as, degenerative disc disease, herniated disc, spinal instability, or spinal stenosis.

As the result of sudden injury, muscular irritation, strain, joint dysfunction, trauma, or prolonged poor posture, upper back pain can result. Upper back pain often occurs with shoulder pain and/or neck pain. Upper back pain has become a familiar complaint from computer operators who spend a large majority of their day sitting at a computer.

Muscular irritation is a common cause of upper back pain due to repetitive motion, overuse injuries and lack of strength, also called de-conditioning. Large muscles attach the shoulder girdle to the shoulder blades and thoracic rib cage back. These large muscles in the upper back can develop muscular irritation that causes upper back pain. This pain from muscular irritation often results from auto accidents, sports injuries, muscle strains, or other injuries.

More than sixty percent of Americans will suffer from lower or upper back pain and back injuries at some point during their lives and approximately half will of those will experience it numerous times. Lower and upper back pain problems can be very debilitating because they often prevent people from enjoying activities they love, such as playing with their children or grandchildren, going out golfing, jogging, bending over to smell the flowers, or worse. People should be aware that most lower and upper back pain injuries occur over the course of many years and rarely as the result of a single accident or activity.

Career Related Sports Physical Therapy Info

Maybe you are fresh out of school looking for a direction in your career or you have always had the passion for physical therapy and are finally ready to make a career move. The rewarding field of sports physical therapy is booming right now with the number of people choosing to stay active in their later years and just plain common sports injuries that occur daily. If you think this could be the career for you, the first thing to do find reliable sports physical therapy info and make your decision from there. Far too many people approach this career choice without fully understanding what it involves. Here is a look at what happens each day on the job and what kind of education you need to become a licensed professional.

One very important piece of sports physical therapy info you need is the type of educational requirements are involved in becoming a sports physical therapists. You will be required to graduate from a physical therapist educational program with a minimum of a master’s degree and maximum of a doctoral degree. At that point you will be given a licensing exam. During your schoolwork studies, you will find the curriculum is dense with classes in human growth, biology, and chemistry just to name a few. You will also learn how to perform exams and the latest therapeutic procedures. Each state’s requirements may be a little different so you will have to check with your local licensing authority to make sure you are on track.

Many people go into this profession with the idea that they will be treating professional or world class athletes and that is possible, but another bit of sports physical therapy info you need in relation to a career is that all kinds of people use sports therapy for healing. You will be seeing the amateur athlete, people with chronic illness like heart disease, arthritis, and head injuries. It isn’t uncommon for patients with cerebral palsy and sports related injuries to seek healing from sports physical therapists as well.

You can be assured that your days will be full as a sports physical therapists as well. A huge part of your job will be to share sports physical therapy info with your patients and make sure they understand the correct technique and purpose of the exercises you feel could help them. You will also be taking patients’ medical histories, determining when and if the patient will be able to resume normal activities, and constantly monitoring patient progress in terms of strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

The Internet is a great resource for finding sports physical therapy info as related to a career move. If you discover this is the right option for you, prepare yourself for a rewarding career helping others regain their prior good health and activity level.

You will need to carefully review the sports physical therapy info before making a decision relating to your career. There are many reasons to want to enter onto this rewarding field and lots of people who can benefit from your education.

American College of Sports Medicine – An Insight


The American College of Sports Medicine is a premier international organization in the field of sports medicine and exercise science.

It is the largest organization of its kind in the world and pioneers extensive efforts in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports-related injuries and the advancement of the science of exercise.

Functional Areas

The services of the American College of Sports Medicine cover a vast gambit of healthcare services, offering facilities to different types of consumers, ranging from athletes and sportspersons to astronauts and individuals with chronic diseases and physical challenges.

Overall, the American College of Sports Medicine aims and strives to promote and integrate scientific research, education and practical applications of sports medicine and exercise science to maintain and enhance physical performance, fitness, health and quality of life.

Certification Categories

Being the premier organization in the field of sports medicine and allied services, the American College of Sports Medicine offers a wide range of certifications to qualified individuals in varied categories.

In this section, we list the main certifications offered by the organization, along with details of the relevancy to various professionals.

A) Health Fitness Certifications

i) ACSM Certified Personal TrainerSM

This certification is offered for fitness professionals aspiring to develop an individualized approach to exercise leadership in healthy populations.

ii) ACSM Health/Fitness Instructor (

This certification is specifically meant for leaders of preventive health programs in corporate, commercial and community settings.

B) Clinical Certifications

i) ACSM Exercise Specialist(

This is basically a certification for professionals performing exercise testing and training clients with cardiovascular, pulmonary or metabolic diseases.

ii) ACSM Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist(

Individuals with this certification specialize in providing services in exercise management for patients with a broad spectrum of chronic diseases or disabilities.

Research Endeavors

The allied branch of the American College of Sports Medicine, the ACSM Foundation and the Office of Research Administration and Programs offer substantive grants to ACSM student members along with the existing and senior investigators.

The key funding areas for the purpose include:

* Injury prevention
* Weightlessness
* Space physiology
* Exercise and aging
* Exercise and disease risk factors
* Exercise and heart rate response

In addition, the Research Administration and Programs department serves as a scientific information source to various other National Center departments as well.

The Publications

For the benefits of the general public on a whole, the American College of Sports Medicine offers a wide-range of publications, primarily comprising of four journal offerings, a bimonthly newsmagazine and a series of book and video products.

Each of these basically focuses on the study of sports medicine, exercise science, health and fitness. Here we list the titles of some of the most popular ACSM journals:

* Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
* Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews
* ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal
* Current Sports Medicine Reports

Looking for the Best Sports Physical Therapy of New York Group

New York has always been known as the place where you can find anything. The city that never sleeps is known for easily accessible shops, restaurants, and the best of everything. Of course it is also home to the New York City Marathon and contains countless citizens who are active and involved with sports and physical activity. It’s a comfort to know that the sports physical therapy of New York community is on top of their game and ready to serve patients. However before you schedule treatments with just any clinic you find in the yellow pages, you should take the time to make sure this is the right place for you. Just like any other medical professional, it’s important to take the time to check them out thoroughly. Here are a few things to be on the lookout for.

Experience in a variety of procedures
Proof of references and effective results
Licensed staff
Customer service dedication

There is plenty of sports physical therapy of New York clinics to choose from, but one of the first things you will want to explore is the kind of services they offer. Naturally you would expect the standard types of care like treating sprains and strains. Those kinds of treatments are imperative to getting you back up and moving through your active routine. Sometimes, though, it’s going to take more than massage and cold/hot packs to make your pain go away. Check into the professionals training for more in depth procedures like electronic stimulation and detailed surgical procedures. No one likes to think about going under the knife, but sometimes it’s crucial for full healing.

Every sports physical therapy of New York group you find should be able to provide references as to the quality of their work. You should be offered a complete list of the types of injuries they can treat and which techniques that will be used in your treatment plan. If asked, the staff should present you with a list of satisfied clients you can contact to decide if this is the clinic for you. You wouldn’t hand your health over to just any doctor, and you shouldn’t hand your physical ability over to just anyone either. Do your homework for the best results.

It’s an unfortunate fact that there are people who will take advantage of another person’s pain and treat sports injuries when they aren’t qualified to do so. This happens in all aspects of the medical health field and sports physical therapy of New York is no different. For this reason ask for the staff’s professional credentials and be sure to double check the facts. It’s the only way you will know you have a sports physical therapist working with you that you can trust.

Any sports physical therapy of New York group should be willing to work closely with you in regards to scheduling and insurance participation. They are there to work for you and you should feel your customer service needs are being met. If not, it’s time to look for another sports physical therapy practice to meet your needs.

You should have no trouble finding a sports physical therapy of New York group to meet your needs and provide high quality patient care. Carefully review business practice, licensing, and successful treatment rates for the best care possible.