Features of Seattle Sports Physical Therapy

People living on the east or west coast of the U.S. have got it made. They get the latest fashions, food crazes, and movies before the rest of us in between. New and innovative medical technologies often find their way to the coasts faster as well. Once upon a time, the world of sports physical therapy was unknown except on the east and west coasts. As a matter of fact, the Seattle sports physical therapy community was one of the best in the country and fortunately for you, if you live there, it still is. As exceptional as this area is for top quality physical therapy needs, you still should take your time picking which clinic to go to for your rehabilitation needs. Check out some of the exciting health care advantages to look for in your Seattle sports physical therapy office.

The whole theory behind physical therapy is to treat the body as a whole. If you have back problems and rely on the legs or another part of the body to pick up the slack, you are risking damage to the healthy body region. With Seattle sports physical therapy the emphasis should be on caring for the whole body. Before you commit to any one clinic, ask for a list of offered services. The best physical therapy offices will have things like massage, group classes, and chiropractic services listed. It’s just one way you can be sure they can meet all of your needs, whatever those may end up being. Some of the finest clinics will also likely offer services like acupuncture and personal training sessions to give the patient the individual care they need. Keep looking until you find a sports therapy group that appears to have all their bases covered. You can’t afford to not have the best of care when it pertains to your basic physical function.

As much as you would like to just get the treatments and health screenings you need, you do have to think about the cost. The best Seattle sports physical therapy offices will be willing to work with your insurance company to give you the most options in care that they can. You should also expect exceptional customer service in terms of scheduling flexibility and courteous staff. Billing questions should be answered quickly and honestly; limiting any inconvenience to you.

Finding a high quality Seattle sports physical therapy office to attend won’t be any problem as long as you do your homework and ask the right questions. You want to find an office that is as dedicated to your health care as you are.

Ask the correct questions of your Seattle sports physical therapy group and you can’t go wrong. Check into the services offered, scheduling flexibility, and the licensing of all the employees. You should be looking for the very best care at the most reasonable price.

Healing Back Pain Using Ancient Wisdom

Healing back pain using ancient wisdom means using alternative approaches to pain control. Modern medicine has always concentrated until recently on just the physical aspects of pain. But now doctors are learning that pain is controlled by the mind and emotions often as much as the physical body. Alternative medicine and practices have known this for centuries and were just waiting for science to catch up.

Alternative methods of controlling back pain have been embraced by people for a variety of reasons. Some people are not satisfied with the results of traditional therapies yet want to avoid surgery if at all possible. Many people are not happy being forced to take medications to make the pain bearable. Still others use alternative therapies in conjunction with traditional approaches to healing back pain as a way of taking control of their pain. Alternative medicine has become so popular, and so successful in many cases, that even insurance companies are paying for some of the treatments. This would have been unheard of even 10 years ago.

Alternative medicine had a bad reputation for so long that some people refuse to even consider using the techniques. But if you’re one of those people who have had back pain for years and nothing traditional medicine offers seems to work, alternative medicine is worth a try. If you choose to try any of the following methods for healing back pain, be sure you use a legitimate, experienced and licensed practitioner. A good alternative medicine practitioner should be happy to coordinate treatment with your doctor.

Acupuncture has been around a long time, and has now entered mainstream treatment for healing back pain. The Chinese developed the practice of acupuncture believing you can control the life force within the body using needles inserted painlessly at specific points in the body. Western philosophy believes acupuncture works on the psychological aspects of pain by releasing endorphins. Whoever is right really doesn’t matter if it works to relieve back pain.

Herbal medicine is another alternative approach that has been embraced by people with back pain. This approach is ideal for those people who want to try everything they can for healing back pain before taking medications. There are hundreds of herbs, oils, balms, salves and extracts herbalists use to relax muscles, facilitate endorphin release and reduce stress causing muscle stricture.

Still yet another alternative approach to healing back pain is the use of massage. Therapeutic massage is deep muscle massage therapy that relaxes the entire body. It operates on the same principle as overall body conditioning through exercise. If your entire body is relaxed and blood flows are improved, it’s possible to reduce localized pain such as back aches. Healing back pain using this alternative method focuses on restoring muscle balance, improving flexibility and increasing mobility.

If you’re not happy with the current approaches to healing back pain, you might want to consider alternative medicine. In the end what do you have to lose except pain?

Massage Therapy Products Enhance The Bodywork Experience

Massage therapists use several different massage therapy products to enhance the effectiveness and comfort of massage therapy sessions. For the most part, these are products that are basic to all types of massage therapy, although different massage therapy products are chosen depending on the type of massage and desired outcome. An overview of these products and their general purposes is outlined here.

Massage Oils

The purpose of oils used in massage therapy is primarily to make the body more workable. Massage oils make it easier for the massage therapist’s hands to glide smoothly and evenly over the skin, which make the massage both more effective and more comfortable for the client.

Many massage therapists choose to use safe, natural essential oils that also function to repair and soothe the skin, muscles, and soft tissues. Among the more regularly used essential oil massage therapy products are almond oil, apricot oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, and hazelnut oil. Holy oil is also frequently used as a carrier oil (one that delivers essential oils into the tissues) for these essential oils because its molecular structure is easily recognized and safely accepted by the human body.

In addition to providing natural relief, essential oils are also used in massage therapy as a means of relaxation; a number of different oils might be chosen as aromatherapy agents to enhance relaxation and reduce stress and tension.

Massage Lotions

Massage lotion is a massage product that is often chosen to replace massage oils in certain types of massage; massage lotions are effective massage therapy products which are chosen for deep-tissue massages when stimulation requires a non-slip technique with increased friction. Massage lotions are not greasy, so they allow the massage therapist to moisturize and deliver relief to tissues while providing the friction necessary for deep tissue work. The massage lotions used in massage therapy may include essential oils in the list of ingredients, delivered in a workable medium. These lotions are carefully balanced so as to provide optimal skin and tissue conditions; these are not your normal over-the-counter type moisturizing lotions.

Massage Creams & Gels

Massage creams and gels are still other types of massage therapy products used by massage therapists. These provide the “happy medium” between massage oils and massage lotions. Massage oils may provide too much glide, and massage lotions may absorb into the skin too quickly to elicit the desired effects. Massage creams and gels balance out between the two, providing a slowly absorbing, medium-glide moisturizer. As an added plus, massage creams and gels are used in smaller amounts, so there is no need to excessively apply product throughout a session.

Other Massage Therapy Products

In addition to functional massage therapy products like the oils, creams, gels, and lotions mentioned here, massage therapists often use other products to enhance the mood and overall massage experience. Candles, incense, stones, and relaxing music selections might all be employed.

Many massage therapists are happy to offer their high-quality products to their clients for sale. This allows the client to benefit from the products and continue the experience in the comfort of his or her own home.

Why Careers in Sports Physical Therapy

There are certain people who are just meant to do what they do. If you know a firefighter, you know what that means. He or she is likely to be a very compassionate person with excellent people skills, but there is something that’s just a little off and for them, makes the idea of actually going into a burning building a good thing. The same thing applies for every other profession out there. People who are drawn to careers in sports physical therapy usually have something about their personalities that makes this choice a perfect fit. One of the most exciting things about this career choice is the position the therapist is in to help so many different people, with different ailments. Some of the most outstanding traits most sports physical therapists have is a willingness to spend as much time as it takes on each patient, a genuine interest in healing others’ pain, and a devotion to physical activity in their own lives. If any of this sounds like you, one of the careers in sports physical therapy may be right for you.

You can’t just hang up a sign and start treating people. It will require in depth schooling and a licensing exam before you are ready to heal the world. Each state’s requirements are a little different, so you will have to check with the local governing body to figure out the specifics for you. Getting ready for one of the careers in sports physical therapy is pretty exciting though. You will learn how to test your patients strength and balance and then learn the techniques to restore their bodies back to their prior good condition. Sports physical therapy has a lot to do with reducing pain as well. You will be taught how massage, gentle stretches, and hot and cold packs can take your patient from an existence of pain and misery to a life of activity filled days and relief from their injury pain. It really is a rewarding career to have the opportunity to help patients learn to help themselves.

Choosing careers in sports physical therapy also gives you the chance to specialize your degree. Just like there are all kinds of athletes, there are all kinds of injuries. You could focus on orthopedics in your practice or specialize in women’s health issues. By continuing your training, you can also combine the practices of sports physical therapy with sports medicine to offer patients an even broader scope of the situations you can handle.

The careers in sports physical therapy are for people who want to make a difference in the lives and health of the people they can in contact. This is one of the most rewarding career choices you could make and you would know everyday that you did something important in the life of another.

You can use your caring nature and knowledge of the human body to help restore mobility and encourage a pain free life for your patients with one of the careers in sports physical therapy. It’s always nice to know that you made a difference for someone else at the end of the workday.

Attention All Future Mothers: Pregnancy Back Pain Relief Found Below

Most pregnant women will experience some kind of back pain before of the
extra pressure put on their bodies especially being front heavy. Not only do
they carry the extra weight in front of a baby but also enlarged breasts. In
addition to this, they often have to sleep in strange positions and find a
hard time getting comfortable when sitting or standing. All of these things
can put strain on her back. But, there is pregnancy back pain relief
available. Often women who are pregnant do not want to put many drugs into
their system either, so the methods of relief should be as natural as
possible. It is important that no harm is done to the child or mother in any
of the methods for pregnancy back pain relief. The health of the mother and
baby are always the primary consideration.

Most women who experience back pain during pregnancy as long as it is minor
to moderate will try ice packs and heat alternating. The heat will relax the
muscles and lower the pain while the ice packs will numb the pain for a
while. It is typically done in about 20 to 30 minute intervals and then
switching. Another way to get heat to the back is long warm baths. Bathing
is a common relaxation technique and does relax the muscles. It can provide
pregnancy back pain relief especially if there is aromatherapy or Epson
salts added to the bath. Pregnancy back pain relief is important because
women who are pregnant have to experience a plethora of troubles and
different pain and so alleviating this pain can make a big difference. For
instance, the pressure on the bladder makes them urinate frequently;
contractions start to happen near the end causing pain, morning sickness and
all day nausea throughout the pregnancy, and other problems that happen with
pregnancy. Another popular method to reducing back pain during pregnancy is
rubbing or massage. In fact, massage with heat can be quite effective as
well. The great thing about these methods to pregnancy back pain relief is
that they are all inexpensive and accessible. Even the massages can be done
by the father or any family member or friend. Because of the increased
weight on the body and over such a short period of time, it puts a lot of
pressure on the feet and can cause the woman to stand and walk different.
Therefore, it is important for the woman to wear good shoes. A common
exercise that is helpful for pregnant women is a pelvic tilt. This is when
the woman gets on her hands and knees on the floor ensuring the head is
inline with the back. Then while pulling in the abdomen arch the back and
spine upward. The position is to be held for several seconds at a time and
then relaxed. It should be repeated about five times.

Physical Therapy Techniques

Physical therapy focuses on the health and well being of a patient who is suffering from any number of ailments. These ailments can be diseases like arthritis, post-surgical difficulties, wear and tear of the body, or whatever else that may occur. Physical therapy is often used along with other medical practices with the same goal; the rehabilitation and return to normalcy that the patients once enjoyed.

There are various physical therapy techniques used by the professional that enable the patients to begin the healing process. Each technique differs in effectiveness for each ailment. The physical therapist is trained with the knowledge of which technique is best for which situation and will be able to implement what is needed to produce the desired result.

Some physical therapy techniques have been around since the birth of the profession, while other evolved after research and with technological innovations of the time. Physical therapy is a constantly changing and evolving process as more research becomes available.

One of the oldest physical therapy techniques is that of massage. Massages involve the manipulation of tissue in order to achieve a certain goal. That goal is different for each patient and is dependent upon the individual need of that patient. Such manipulation has an array of benefits. General benefits of this technique are relaxation and the release of tension. This physical therapy technique is relatively easy to perform but does take a considerable amount of knowledge to perform it properly. Often times, traction force is placed on the tight area to restore the tissue to a normal feel and texture. This myofasical release focuses on stretching to reduce the barriers and restrictions placed upon the body. This is done to reduce pain and improve movement.

Other physical therapy techniques focus on joint care. Arthritis and general stiffness and soreness can impair the proper use and movement of joints and create discomfort for the patient. The physical therapist will determine what the best way to reduce the pain is with ice packs, rest, or basic joint mobilization. The physical therapist is able to loosen the muscles that may be causing the stiff joints and work on improving the range of mobility for the joint. The therapist uses exact hand placement and motion to release the contracting agents and reduce pain. This is especially helpful to patients with arthritis who may allow their joints to grow stiff from lack of use due to pain.

Hydrotherapy is yet another physical therapy technique that is often used. Hydrotherapy, also called aquatic therapy, uses water as a helpful device in the implementation of complimentary techniques. The effects of the water are numerous. The water reduces stress and strain that are placed on the body during exercises performed on the land. This is helpful for those recovering from fractures, patients with arthritis, and even those who are overweight. The water provides resistance that is needed in successful exercises.

There are numerous other physical therapy techniques all with the same desired effect of restoring the health of their body. Those that suffer from limited motion and pain can benefit greatly from these techniques.